Past President’s farewell message

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President’s farewell message-----

Being the Cleveland Chapter president for the last 2-years was rewarding with a great deal of fun. I apologize if I did not get a chance to meet you or have a conversation with you at one of our events or chapter meetings.

I am proud of the team that I served with to help me navigate in a way that benefited me to enhance my career as well as increase my network of new friends and colleagues.

My dear fellow members I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the last two years of being your chapter president. One of the lessons learned from the CAVS loss in this years NBA championship is that when you are part of something that involves a group of people as the engine, it’s the team of parts that makes it successful. Thank you TEAM!


Going forward---- your new President Anca Amalei will have an even better team behind her. I pass the president’s chair to Anca- Please welcome her.



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